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Concrete Leicester, Concrete Derby, Concrete Burton

Here at Borley’s, we are the mini mix concrete specialists in supplying and mixing concrete for all your domestic and commercial needs. Do you need ready mixed concrete in Derby ? Or ready mixed concrete in Leicester ? Looking to find ready mixed concrete in Burton ?

K. Borley & Son can deliver the finest grade of concrete same day (orders before 3pm). Whatever you require concrete for, from flooring to foundations, we have the equipment and experience necessary to guarantee complete customer satisfaction every time.

Our team are all fully qualified, expertly trained and highly experienced and we have earned our reputation as the reliable, premier choice for all your concrete mix needs. Our equipment is all top class and delivery vehicle tracking system ensures that we can attend to a huge variety of locations quickly and easily.

Minimix Leicester, Minimix Derby, Minimix Burton

You call us with your requirements. It doesn’t matter if your not sure - just have the ground space and thickness measurements to hand, we’ll work it out.

“How much concrete mix do I need ?”

Use our concrete calculator to find out.

We then mix the right consistency for you, from as little as ½ a cubic meter.

“A Service That Takes Some Beating” ~ Back Gardens, Conservatories, Extensions, Garages. Mixed To Your Requirements…………BY EXPERTS.

Ready Mixed Concrete Screed Leicester, Screed Derby, Screed Burton

On site at an agreed time slot.



And don’t worry, we’ll bring our own barrow and wheel it on to site for you.


Once we barrow it in for you, we’ll rake it over - not leave you with a concrete pile.

Then it’s ready for your builder to get to work on floating and completing your project.

And no need to worry about excess, we’ll only use as much as is necessary and take away any surplus.

Concrete Calculator


Find out more.

Need a FREE Callback ?

Need a FREE Callback ?

We’ll be with you shortly

We’ll be with you shortly

If your required floor depth is 3” or less then you might need Floor Screed.

Borley’s delivers screed in Leicester, screed in Derby, screed in Burton and across the East Midlands.

Our floor screed is prepared to the highest specification at our own site. The quality of Borley’s floor screed is second to none - A consistent mix from the first shovel to the last.

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Floor Screed

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So whether you are building a conservatory, extending your home or you are a commercial building company, Borley’s really are the best choice when it comes to concrete mix. We will be with you swiftly, delivering high class results at cost-effective prices. So give the expert team a call today for more information on how we can help you!

Contact us now for mini mix Derby, mini mix Leicester, mini mix Burton and across the East Midlands and for floor screed Leicester, floor screed Derby and floor screed Burton.